SS21 Colors

Color Palette for Summer Spring 2021




After a long year in lockdown, everyone earnestly anticipates a new year with many promises and lively colours.

Colours affect minds and emotions, and this post-pandemic period demands hues that bring joy.

Here are some fashionable colours that are going to dominate 2021.

1.   Pastel Yellow

One way to make a remarkable statement with streetwear is to incorporate neutral colours. According to Pantone, Yellow is the colour of 2021, and we can’t get enough of the Pastel hue.


Pastel is a subdued yellow shade that emanates softness and suits different skin tones. The colour emits an easy-going and warm aura. So, if you want to be associated with a positive spirit, make an entrance in pastel yellow


Many SS21 collections, especially in the menswear category, featured several outfits in this colour. We can’t wait for people to start trading their black hoodie or long dress with pastel yellow. You can pair it with lavender, cream, or even bolder colours for a more exciting look.

2.   Bubblegum Pink

If you want something more decadent than Pastel, try bubblegum pink. Be it a bikini, two-piece, sheer dress, or suit; pink is always a soothing colour to try.


The colour often associated with femininity took on a different statement this season: a burst of happy energy.  The hues vary in styles and shades, but one thing remains the same, this colour gives off a comforting vibe, and it’s perfect for spring.


Bubblegum pink wears pairs well with blacks, oranges, yellows, and all shades of greens. You can also pair it with contrasting colours. After all, pink is a universal colour.

3.   Rust

One would expect Yellow, Blue, Red, and Pink when it comes to summer colours. But Rust?  Rust screams fall, but this year, it is a hot summer colour.

The virtual runway shows were filled with different styles of Rust, proving that it’s a rich colour you should try out this summer.


You can pair with varieties of other colours, textures, and designs. One notable trend we love is to pair your Rust outfits with tones of blues. Wear a denim jacket over a rust midi gown, or wear a turquoise top over rust pants. Cream is another great colour that goes with rust. Think about pairing that rust skirt with a cream V-neck top or shoes.

4.   Magenta

While shades of pink are often associated with feminine dressing, magenta proves to be non-conformist, genderless; an excellent choice for those who dare to grab attention.

This purplish-red colour popped up in many collections in varying shades and styles, from eye-catching jumpsuits to blazers, shirts and tank dresses.


Some appeared purpler, some pinker, and some redder. Whatever shade you choose, adding this colour to your wardrobe will definitely elevate your appearance.


Start with little accessories like shouldered bags or strappy heels in magenta, or make a wow statement in complete magenta outfits paired with neutral hues.

5.   Tennis Ball Green

Are you looking for a must-try colour this Summer Spring? Please welcome Tennis ball green!

This colour emits a hue between neon and yellow. Neon took over colour trends in 2019, and this year, it came back like a tennis ball green.


From Billie Ellish’s hair to Nike’s Tennis shoes, we have spotted this colour in different forms to some outfits on the SS21 collection. We have no doubt we will be seeing more of this colour in spring.

Green is a colour of optimism, a colour that will get things done, and that’s exactly the energy we want for the post-lockdown era. Go with green pants or wear the colour as a handbag, shoe, or jewellery to pop up a neutral outfit. We’ve also seen plenty of streetwear lovers wearing tennis ball green head to toe.

6. Striking Silver

Silver is an expressive colour with a massive presence in the 2021 fashion trend.

This metallic shade is a cheerful colour with a striking appearance that will pop any fit. Silver has some futurism elements, and you need this vibrant colour to make a bold appearance.


Need to make a statement at a party, go for an all silver dress or silver jacket. You can also bring a shine to your bold coloured outfit by pairing it with striking silver shoes or accessories. The shiner, the better.

7.   Butter Cream

For a season that is mostly about bold, bright colours, buttercream is a surprising burst of fresh air that has earned its place in SS21 fashion trends. Buttercream shows a lot of softness and elegance that creates a simple yet refined look.

In place of white or bright colours, buttercream is a warm colour you can pair with a wide range of colours. Our favourite colour to pair buttercream with is green.