Francis Libiran: the new face of innovation in streetwear culture

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Unraveling the face of a fashion evangelist

What do you call the art of branching out from already conquered zones of innovation into new ones? Creativity! And we can’t talk about top-tier birthing new streetwear designs in the fashion world without mentioning the maestro, Francis Libiran.

His success in couturier fashion and bridal gowns has made its way from the beautiful shores of Asia to the glittering streets of Hollywood. His fashion authority has brought him patronage with celebrated personalities. Marica Reyes, Tyra Banks, Paula Luna, and Kaye Abad have worn his gown to the accolades of onlookers.

If you talk about couture creation and fashion authority, you won’t travel too far on the list of top Asian designers without mentioning Francis Libiran. But the Philippine’s pride of glory, Francis Libiran, has spread his tentacles beyond the borders of couturier gowns into the world of streetwear.

Introducing 8 by Francis Libiran

His new style, 8 by Francis Libiran, I believe, is a trial to merge the culture of streetwear fashion with haute culture. One unique feature of “8 by Francis Libiran” streetwear that immediately stands out is its oversized dimensions. Perhaps, the reason for this idea of designs is because “8 by Francis Libiran ” are not gender-specific wears. Thus, it comes with spacing that could easily accommodate all excess body contours, no matter the gender. 8 by Francis Libiran features streetwear that comes with an edgy feel and appearance. The gender-fluid fashion wears come in shades of blue, tangerine, and yellow colors. The hoodies are cargo pockets to go with their oversized style easily. The more casual streetwear will blend easily with totes and body bags, specially designed for them by Francis Libiran, of course.

Here are his words concerning his inspiration behind the new brand style:

“These are extraordinary times. As a designer, I am abreast of what is currently happening in the world, so I thought of designing something that many people would choose to wear every day,” The designer continues. “The designs are stylish, comfortable, and functional without sacrificing luxury.”

Conceptualized with innovation, polished by creativity

The fashion world is taking a new turn as it produces new waves, like a flowing river. Francis Libiran understands that very well, and you can see his fluid creativity and fast-paced innovations in adapting to the curves of the fashion market. His “stepping out of the box” regarding luxurious couture wears didn’t steal away his keen eye tailors his clothes specifically to make his clients “feel” good about themselves as they rock their dress. Therefore, you can see it written all over his streetwear in “style” of design and “sizes.” So, the new generation of consumers should get set to embrace the “new normal” as far as streetwear fashion is concerned. And how successful has this genderless streetwear fashion been among the youth culture? Francis Libiran’s testimony answers that:

“We are on a test run on the items we produced, and so far, we are so happy at the response. However, as a matter of fact, some of the items are running out of stock already, and we have to produce new stocks quickly!”

Perhaps you may want to get a touch of this “out-of-the-world” streetwear fashion. Why not try the 8 by Francis Libiran collection for your wardrobe?


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