About Us

The Birth of Le EDIT.

Le EDIT is a Kuwait-based digital showroom that deals with top exclusive flavour streetwear aesthetic. The birth of this came out of the desire to bring out the peculiar flavour of streetwear fashion as we know others like us would love to enjoy and spread the love of this across cultures.

Because we are passionate about streetwear fashion, we produced Le EDIT House Of Culture Magazine. We aim to promote streetwear aesthetic and kindle the passion for Streetwear clothing styles in our readers. Le EDIT thrives to be involved and create a community that celebrates and streetwear fashion, creativity, culture, art and music.


Our Mission

We aim to popularize the fashion of Streetwear in Kuwait and allow it to access into the dress culture. Part of our strategy in spreading the love and trends is to bring in new independent designers who have their first exposure in the region. Le EDIT deals with top international streetwear designers, and so we serve as a significant link for fashion awareness in Kuwait. We also create the platform to promote and support regional fashion designers and achieve the expansion and exposure of upcoming regional brands through our magazine and partnerships. Because of our wealth of experience in streetwear clothing, we assist local designers in branding, marketing, and blueprints to succeed and grow in the business. Le EDIT celebrates and immediately offers growth opportunities wherever we see a spark of creativity in the community.


Our Values

Our number one core value is looking beyond sales and seeing every customer for who they are. We aim to see them for their uniqueness and meet their needs while giving them a sense of appreciation. At Le EDIT, our customer services listen to every client with attention to detail as we deliver the best fashion wear to match their desires. Our website interface and overall purchase process are user-friendly.

Every involvement between our customers and us is a memorable and delightful experience – guaranteed!

Shopping at Le EDIT is an invitation to enjoy the best streetwear with a touch of custom experience As we personalize our relationships with our customers.